So amusingly enough I’ve started this blog to get the hang of blogging in general with the intention of creating a daily blog for my “Make Something 365” project (make something every day for a year), and yet today has probably been my least productive, least creative day for a long, long time… and I’m going to go ahead and blame wordpress. I knew today would mainly be spent sitting at the computer, but I wasn’t prepared for the whole day to just fly by while I “researched” wordpress, trying to find blogs I’ll enjoy reading regularly as well as ideas for how I’d like my own blog to appear. But these days happen sometimes and I’m absolutely amazing at losing time and procrastinating.

For a good year or two now I’ve said to myself that I’d like to make sure I do at least one creative thing every day, and for the most part I manage to keep it up, even if it’s only something small like painting my nails with polkadots. I remember seeing Noah Scalin’s “Skull-a-Day” project and thinking it was a fantastic idea, giving yourself some sort of theme and goal, and promised to buy myself his “Make Something 365” journal. A good year or so passed by (I’m easily distracted..) and I finally bought myself the journal thinking it’s time to really knuckle down and give myself a large, meaningful creative project. I tend to give myself a lot of creative freedom; I skip between mediums, regularly wanting to try something new, becoming a jack of all trades and, unfortunately, a master of none. I can spend hours, days, watching/reading tutorials and learning new mediums and techniques to try. I’ve always been frightened that if I try to organise my creativity, give it some sort of structure, then I’ll lose my passion and it will become a chore. I’ve tried to apply small restrictions, like having no more than three projects at a time, so I’m less likely to be left with half-finished projects that’ve been forgotten once something new has caught my eye, or have taken too long to show results and become boring. But recently I decided that my creativity needs structure if I’m ever to feel any sense of achievement; to have results to show for my work and, hopefully, start producing enough work to start selling it.

So my current idea (I’m still working on it… or procrastinating) is to produce a Bat in a different medium or style every day for a year. At first I was thinking of just doing a small project in a different medium every day, but I love the idea of giving myself a theme, something that can be as simple or complex as I like. To get the ball rolling I’m going to be putting together a pinterest ideas and inspiration board (there’s another site that’s great at chewing time, it’s far too addictive!), and posting here to get the hang of blogging. As you can see I tend to ramble, especially if I find something interesting or exciting, so I’m hoping to channel that in here and mainly post about my day-to-day life and share my interesting finds. I’d love plenty of advice and constructive criticism. For starters I’ll try to keep the post length down, although I knew my first post might go on a bit as a general introduction.

Glad to have my first post out of the way, I’ll start showing some of my finished bits and pieces in my next few posts. I’m still not quite happy with the appearance of the blog in general, but for now I think I thoroughly deserve some quality time with the ps3. I’m actually off for a road trip for the next two days but I’m hoping to get this blog going daily, fingers crossed. =)


4 responses to “Introductions

  1. Have you ever heard of the book : 642 Things To Write About? It’s a great book, with all kinds of writing prompts and things. It could fit in well with your Make Something 365…

    • oooo that’s a good idea, although it could lead to more rambling.. I’m barely in control of it as it is! =P Although, just as I suspected, my partner is excited/interested the moment I mentioned it… he’s more of a writer than me =)

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