The Crafty Cripple

“Cutting snow peas with kitchen scissors” was going to be the title of this post, because that’s the level of exhaustion that I’ve reached today. But really this post isn’t about my laziness, but instead I planned to explain my blog title.

I had such grand plans for today. I passed out at 9pm last night, which is just insane for someone who’s normally nocturnal but trying to mend her poor sleep hygiene ways. I managed a restless twelve hours sleep and planned to write two blogs (this one and another to talk about my little road trip), clean my rats’ cage, start on this week’s creative projects and even fit in some gaming! I’m terrible at time management and am always far too optimistic in my day-to-day planning. But, as my wonderful partner, JJ, pointed out, the fact that I managed to drive 90 mins to my osteopath appointment and home again is achievement enough. Not to mention managing to clean my rat cage after my osteo had given me a pummelling; I expect a lot of myself, and JJ’s great at showing me the glass half full.

Hopefully life will calm down a bit now and I’ll be able to get back into something resembling routine that will incorporate a daily blog. It feels like a year now that my life has been filled with instability, stress and moving house (over and over). I think “they” say the three most stressful events in a person’s life are death, birth and moving house.. Most of my belongings are still packed in boxes, waiting for JJ and I to find a little place we can call home. But I’ve got the important things: some of my art and craft supplies, my beautiful cats and rats, some games, books, and, of course, my JJ.

When I wrote my first post I immediately asked JJ to read over it for me. He has a major in writing and, although I regularly highlight his grammatical and spelling errors, he’s excellent when in comes to composition and editing. His first response was “I thought your first post would be more about you, not what you’re doing”. I explained that I felt it unnecessary to talk about myself much as I have a profile and will soon put up an “about me” section within the blog. But then he pointed out that I should at least explain my blog title, which was actually his idea (half jokingly) for the name of my Etsy shop which I hope to open.

“The crafty cripple” is a perfect example of the little jokes that JJ and I make about my disability; I have fibromyalgia, which I’ll regularly refer to instead as “severe chronic pain” to give people a general idea of my condition without much need for explanation. It’s a topic I often try to avoid because I feel like it’s repetitive, awkward, and usually a conversation killer. I was diagnosed about four years ago, although my condition presented long before, when I was about ten years old. I often relate coping with my condition to the seven stages of grief; I have yet to reach acceptance but I strive for it, even though I’ve been told (by relatives, not medical practitioners) that accepting my condition would be “sick” and “negative thinking”, it’s the best way to regularly manage my condition and live a happy life despite it, which is what I generally try to do. Some days I manage well, and some days I move about like an 80 year old who’s found a skin-deep fountain of youth (I’m only twenty-four). But it’s something that I do, and will, joke about because often laughter is the best way to remain standing. I’m still toying with my idea of my Etsy shop tagline, “My pain is your pleasure!”, I’m wondering if that’s pushing people’s comfort levels a little and toe-ing the line of amusing and awkward. One thing that I’m determined to have, however, is a portion of profit from all sales to be donated to a chronic pain and/or fibromyalgia charity/research, I have yet to decide which organisation/s to go with, though. All in good time, I have yet to even design my logo! 🙂

Apparently I’ve spent this post doing what I do best: rambling and then throwing in a small chunk of actual on-topic information. ^_^ Unfortunately I’ve done nothing creative today (good thing I haven’t started my creative 365 project, yet!) maybe i should take the crafty out of my name…. just for today. Although I think writing should totally count as creative for today. Or I’ll just be “the exhausted rambley cripple”.


4 responses to “The Crafty Cripple

  1. This is really weird, it’s April 10th over here…. Honestly, I don’t even know you, and I’m proud of you for functioning after osteo!! Wow, that is my fifth bout of hiccups today… Okay, I’m also going off topic. Never mind. Basically, great post!!

    • Hiccups are evil, I often get all-day hiccups; as soon as I get the first bout, no matter how many times I make them go away, they’ll just keep coming back for the rest of the day.
      Glad I’m not the only off-topic-er. Thanks ^_^

  2. Ooh you have ratties! I remember the joys of cleaning them out while they used my bra as a convenient temporary hammock. Eventually we traded the rats in for kids (the boys objected to the babies and had to be rehomed).

    • Oh, what a shame they had to be rehomed, I love my boys. Just the other day I was leaning into their cage for some cuddles when one decided to launch down my shirt and explore, it was adorable and tortuously ticklish, as rats are best at =) I have to put them into their travel cage to clean their main cage or they’ll relentlessly try to excape and crawl all over me, it’s a tad counter-productive =P

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