I have the best naughty corner ever…

So I know it may seeeeem that I’ve been inactive around here but actually {insert ample excuses here}. I have actually been putting off posting a bit because I wanted to do a post on my weekend road trip along the Great Ocean Road and have been waiting for JJ to get his blog going so I could use some of his beautiful photography and provide credit/links back to his blog. I’ve also been losing far too much time browsing around the interwebs for batty craft tutorials and inspirations. One night I actually had to drag myself off to the naughty corner with my sewing machine and force myself to get some work done (also happens to be tonight’s plan). Although the naughty corner is actually a couch in front of the tv with varying sweets, a pot of green tea, sci-fi (I’m currently watching farscape, squee!), my sewing machine and most-likely a cat or two determinedly vying for my attention. But absolutely no internet is allowed, unless it’s to quickly find some advice on whatever I might be working on, which at the moment I don’t need (rat hammocks aren’t rocket science). Also my laptop simply won’t fit anywhere once I’ve spread my things out, the cats only manage through aforementioned determination, and sometimes they are forced to admit defeat and find someone else to cuddle.
But I have been getting some work done on the blog. There’s now a “Materials” section where I’ve listed all the different materials I plan to work with and/or learn during my 365 project, as a big part of the project is the utter indulgence of my love of learning new creative mediums and techniques. I thought it might be exciting for both me and my readers to have a list that shows my progression at a glance, and suggestions are welcome, especially as I’m still questioning the smiley system (it feels very distracting from the text).
I also finally have a proper “About Me” section, two in fact. You can see me through JJ’s eyes as he shows his flair for humour and writing in “The Legends”, or my more informative take on myself in the sub-heading “About me – my perspective”. I’m actually considering removing the latter as I don’t know how necessary it is, and I do really enjoy the imagery of “The Legends”.
And, finally, I’ve also been learning my way around photobucket so that I can show some bits and pieces that I’ve made over the last few years. I think I’ll compile them into their own little post tomorrow.

The weather is finally getting cooler here and I’m thoroughly enjoying it, even though my body is having a little hissy fit. I’m definitely a winter person, I love cuddling up with a pot of tea and a good book/cat/rat/game/JJ by a dancing fire. My body, however, tends to get angry at any big weather shifts (eg: from hot to cold too quickly and vice versa), and will become generally pouty and achy in the cold. Melbourne autumns often mean warm days and cold nights with the occasional hot or cold streak… so I’m walking around like an old woman and spending a lot of time in bed. But I don’t mind it much, being stuck in bed is how I got into doing so much craft; I needed to be creative and keep my mind occupied, but find things that I could do while sitting in bed without wearing myself out or causing more pain. I’ve discovered I can do a lot in bed if I set myself up right, although I’m still not game to paint in bed :P. But I do have a beautiful queen-sized crochet blanket and plenty of hours clocked-up on games thanks to being stuck in bed. A big key to pain management is distraction, distraction, distraction. Speaking of weather changes, I thought I’d end with an amusing screenshot I have of a conversation with an american friend of mine who was begging/demanding that I send him some of our cool weather as it starts to warm-up over his way. 😀

It's just downright unhealthy...

It’s just downright unhealthy…


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