Cats are the best personal heaters…

And the best excuse for getting little work done today. The cold’s wreaking havoc on my body and I’m not ashamed to say that I spent half my day cuddled up with my cats watching farscape and drinking green tea. The other half of the day was spend hiding in bed, browsing the internet for some seriously amazing batty creative inspiration and patterns. You can check out what I’ve accumulated so far over on my batty pinterest board. I’m not sure if it proves I’ve been working hard or losing time and procrastinating (perhaps both?), but I’m really enjoying what I’ve found so far.

I did some more work on rat hammocks today but I haven’t bothered with photos as it looks like a pile of cut-up jeans and polar fleece for now… I’m also having an argument with my sewing machine which is putting me off the project a little and made me more inclined to cuddle with cats than actually work.
I actually feel like knitting up a pattern I found for fingerless gloves and crocheting a cat-eared beanie I’ve had in mind for quite some time, but alas, all my crochet hooks and knitting needles are packed away in a box somewhere, even though I have a bag of yarn with me… I’ve been drooling over some hook and needle sets I found online here, they’re amazing and thoroughly drool-worthy. I think I do have one crochet hook somewhere around here.. and I’m sorely tempted to go down to a second hand store and see if I can find some knitting needles in the size I need… No, no, don’t encourage me! I’m doing rat hammocks, that’s my project for now and I just have to stick to it, whether my sewing machine likes it or not.
Actually, I have been letting myself do some simple origami in small bursts to break from all the cutting, pinning and sewing. I’ve managed to remind myself how to make a crane, and I’ve never forgotten the gorgeous little puffy stars. I decided to provide a photo as I said that today I’d start showing some of my past completed projects, but I’m still trying to organise the mess that is my photobucket at the moment. And it’s not totally wasted time as it’s a project I’ve been meaning to try for years and years and was recently reminded of (all will be revealed in the Great Ocean Road post, I promise).
I apologise for the poor quality photo but all I have at the moment is an older phone as my last phone died and my camera is, you guessed it, packed away in a box somewhere. 😀

My crane and some puffy stars. The crane is sitting on a gorgeous hand-crafted pot I got while in Lorne. And I couldn’t resist having my little bo-omb in the photo (he’s filled with pixie-stix sugar, yum!)

So tomorrow’s plan is to spend some time focusing on blog posts… Unlike sewing, I can do blogging and cuddle cats at the same time! 😀


2 responses to “Cats are the best personal heaters…

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