Crafts from the Past

So I figured I should post what pictures I have of art and craft that I’ve done.. Not every single scrap evar, I wish my records were that great, but stuff that I’ve managed over the past couple of years.
I know I tend to rambling in my posts, it’s something I’m trying to learn to cut-down on, but my brain’s a bit wonky. I’m having some trouble formatting so to keep the posts from looking ridiculously large I’m going to split them, this will be the craft post. I’ll try to provide links to patterns or tutorials if I have them.
Anywho, less talking, more photos:


Here’s the first teddy I ever made. I have made a second but she’s packed in a box almost finished, just needs her ears. His joints all move and hands and feet have little pads of velvet. He was given away as a baby shower gift.

A mug cozy made of tarn (t-shirt yarn). I made several as house-warming gifts, they had a cute little tarn button, I quite liked them. But they were a bit bulky and I think they ended-up being frogged.

 This is my amigurami Koala. Now, that was a strange pattern to follow, it was translated with some interesting engrish. He came out okay and was a gift to JJ’s step-sister shortly after she was born (along with a bib that had “These fools have put my cape on backwards” embroidered on it, hah! XD) The koala is sitting on a pile of my hand-made wheat heat-packs with pillow-case-style washable covers. I sold some and gave the rest away.

My first real attempt at polymer clay (not including the batch of buttons I made for eyes). I made a chibi Jack Skellington and a reproduction of my one-leg-bird (he first appeared in a poster design in the art section). I found that the clay was hard to condition and my hands ended-up aching to much to really work properly. I’d love to try again but I think it’ll require investing in a pasta machine for conditioning the clay.

This was my first ever attempt at amigurami made from one of my favourite crochet books, Creepy Cute Crochet. I went-on to attempt Kthulu which drove me to fits of insane frustration. ..I like his tophat ^_^.

I had this beautiful yarn in bagfuls and took a long time to decide what to do with it. It’d make beautiful fluffy socks, but it was too pretty for me to walk on! I decided, instead, to make a beautiful, queen-sized blanket from it, and I love it. I’d also like to make a granny square blanket from the same yarn (yes, I have more) but the problem I discovered after I made this one is: If I try to use it, the cats with march and knead and shred it. Sigh.

I regularly make double-sided dish scrubbies from plarn (plastic bag yarn). They last a little while, do their job pretty well, and are a great way to use up the collection of plastic bags we accumulate while easing my guilt for having plastic bags at all.

Another first. This was my first attempt at chainmaille jewellery done form a kit sold at a local craft fair. I really enjoyed it but unfortunately lost the bracelet. I intend to buy another bracelet kit and a necklace kit for myself. I also have a good supply of materials with a book of patterns to teach myself (packed, of course).

It is what it is: an EPIC ball of tarn (t-shirt yarn) in varying shades of green. I have a LOT of tarn around, and a container of shirts that will also become tarn. I love recycling and I love chunky yarn, it’s just win-win.

Yup.. It’s a knitted condom. I made this one for a bucks party present. The fact that the only yarn I had on hand at the time was baby-colours did make the item feel a bit wrong.. The first one of these I made I don’t have a picture of but it was bright red and fantastic. Unfortunately you can clearly see in this image that it hasn’t been blocked. I have to confess: I’ve never blocked any of my crochet or knitting work, which is probably why a lot of it looks so scrappy. I’m a little scared of it, but it’s something I have EVERY intention of taking up after recently reading about how much of a difference it makes!

I’m sorry it’s such a poor quality photo, but… it’s black and I’m using my oldy phone *sob*, there is no winning with that combo. So. here’s a scarf I made that I love to bits and pieces. But I think it would really come to life if I blocked it and now I’m determined to make it look as good as it really should so others can love it as much as me.

This is recycled magazines and a lot of glue all made into a big loopy basket. It took longer that I’d have liked, but I love it. I’m planning to do smaller, sturdier versions and all different styles. There’s a lot of plans with this medium, I’ll get there one day.

Recently I have been working with a batch of cold porcelain. I’d like to do more, but these are my efforts so far. Hover for comments:
The rain-cloud has been woven in to a beaded macramé necklace that I adore, but I broke some of the droplets while trying to attach them. So I need to re-make, paint and glaze new droplets and attach them (without breaking them) and then I’ll provide the finished product. I’m pretty proud of that one, actually.


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