Sadistic Sewing and Curative Crochet

I’ve taken a bit of a break from rat hammocks (I was spending too much time mending the jeans to be made into hammocks, anyways). My mum recently asked if I’d make some heat-packs and sell them to the company she works for; I’m guessing the office staff are already getting the winter blues. I made up some heat-packs (wheat bags) with simple pillow-case-style covers a couple of winters ago and they were so popular I didn’t end-up with any for myself (which was the original idea, cripples love their heat-packs y’know).

My first batch of heat-packs, faithfully guarded by my amigurami koala.

And so, armed with a valid excuse to go spend money at a pet store (for the wheat) AND a craft store (all my fabrics are packed) I pretty much fell over myself in my excitement and rush to go shopping. Note: pet stores and craft stores are dangerous for my wallet..

Inevitably the rat-boys got some new cage fillers (chew-toys/furniture) from the pet store, and I couldn’t resist some lovely yarns on clearance at the craft store.
After a restful evening in bed with tea, farscape, and some crochet (I couldn’t resist any longer), I got up the next day and set to work. I have yet to find a way to measure and mark my fabric without having to bend over it so I can see from directly above for accuracy. All this bending over seriously aggravates my back, but I got all of my fabric marked-up and cut, so the hard part’s done. Yay ^_^

Fabric for new heat-pack batch.

I like having some sort of rest project to do once I’ve pushed my body to it’s limits with my main project. I honestly did try to avoid knitting and crochet, just not very hard.. I “found” (read: hunted down) the small yarn stash and crochet hooks I’d managed to save from being packed away in boxes.

The weather is getting cold, we’re starting to justify using our fireplace (wood-fire heating is the best smell), it just felt downright wrong not to be knitting or crocheting. And I’ve decided I need some fingerless gloves (wristlets) and a new beanie this winter. I managed to find the perfect glove pattern, even though I’ve had to frog my work twice, I think I’ve finally got my tension right. I’m working it with a yarn that’s very similar to the pattern example but in blues, black and a little purple (my favourite colours, yay).

Firecracker Gloves pattern by Ria Saakshi

Fingers crossed there’ll be no more frogging. 😀


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