Excuses, excuses…

Here I am, back again. Yup, I avoided posting for a whole week. My excuse: I’m a cripple. I ended-up hurting my lower back pretty badly (my own stupid fault for trying to measure and mark fabric at a coffee table) and I’m still recovering. Determination and Fibromyalgia really don’t play well together.  I also haven’t felt like I had much to talk about on the blog; or at least I figured I’d put off posting until I had some photos of what I’m currently working on.. As soon as JJ heard that excuse he took out his fancy-pants camera, took some quick shots of my work, and handed me the sd card; he’s such a motivator, lol. I haven’t really been idle, though. I’ve still been managing to get work done, just with more resting and grumbling involved. 😛

Working and resting, simultaneously!! What a pro…

That’s my usual work station at the house I’m temporarily living in. It’s the warmest spot now that the days are getting cold. What I really need is to get myself a little desk set-up for my art/craft and computer, like I used to have, preferably with a small mountain of blankets. But alas, there’s no room in this place at the moment and I’m hoping to be moving to a fresh place soon where I can make my own little work nook and be thoroughly comfy.
On a side note, the shirt I’m wearing in my current favourite, I’m absolutely smitten with it. As soon as I saw it on The ¡AntiCraft! I couldn’t help myself, I had to own one. Here’s the graphic that’s printed on the shirt, so you can bask in the awesomeness, too:

I’ve been burning up quite a bit of time over at The AntiCraft, exploring their fantastic archives of anticraft madness and pinning some of the wacky creations I’d like to try. I even invested in a cheapie $2 shop statuette to have a go at this tutorial; I seriously swooned when I came across the tut and am determined to try it. I often love statuettes with wings but hate the cheap, girly/spiritual interpretations.

I’ve also been rather busy doing an online Pain Management Course that I’m currently enrolled in. Apparently it’s been quite successful for lots of people, and I’m really enjoying it so far. Although the past fortnight has been mainly focused on practising Thought Challenging, which is supposed to be really effective for pain management (and the depression and anxiety that often accompany it), but can also be quite difficult to get the hang of. I personally have been a bit mopey realising just how negative a lot of my thought patterns are sometimes, so that can be pretty demotivating. But it’s all good in the long run, addressing those negative thoughts and working towards making them helpful and reasonable (it’s not positive thinking, they were actually talking how positive thinking can be detrimental for chronic pain sufferers). It’s really wonderful having a partner to point out the glass-half-full perspective when I’m beating myself up. ^_^

Anywho, that’s my little update. I’m trying to be a good girl and keep my babbling down so that I can do several small posts over a few days rather than one giant post that nobody can really be bothered reading. I think the only time I ever read giant text posts is when I’m really interested in the topic or really enjoy the blogger. 😀


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