The Mitt Dilemma

So I mentioned recently that I was working on crocheting a pair of fingerless mitts/wristlets for myself after hunting for, and surprisingly finding, a great one-piece crochet pattern (working in the round) that would be simple, pretty and fitted, not bulky or cumbersome like some gloves can be.
I finished the first mitt about a week ago, after lots of frogging and frustration, I was relieved to feel like I was finally getting the hang of the pattern. Unfortunately, the mitt felt a bit tight.. Not unbearable, I could get it on and off, but definitely more snug than I’d planned (and than the pattern had implied). But I was happy to finally have it done.

The first wristlet done, yaaaay.

Now, shamefully, I have never blocked any of my work, which is something I recently mentioned I intend to change. I’m usually so happy to have a project done I just want to wear/admire it straight away and not have to do any more work on it. I have realised through some reading lately that blocking is apparently a bit magical and I have several items that I thing would look so much nicer with a little loving attention.
Optimistically I hoped that with a gentle wash and some blocking I might be able to loosen this mitt up a bit, even though a small voice in my head yelled that fibres often shrink with washing. But you never know… (I didn’t want to start all over again.)

I started working on the next one a few days later feeling much more confident with the stitch (Herringbone half double crochet) and the pattern in general. Feeling bummed-out that my first mitt felt too tight I automatically crocheted looser on the second mitt (see where I’m going?), I know I tend to work too tight anyway. I decided (or rather, my back decided) to have a rest day yesterday and I ended-up finishing the second mitt quite quickly, yay! When I tried it on it felt perfect, so much looser and easier to wear. Dark clouds loomed and gathered as the potential problem dawned on me. I compared the mitts, one on top of the other, and sure enough the first one was smaller… By working the second mitt much looser I had unwittingly changed the gauge (I think?).

So, herein lies my mitt dilemma: I can try to accept my mitts each feeling different when I wear them, or I could crochet a third mitt now that I have the pattern and tension correct and just frog the first mitt…
I was so relieved to have it done, I actually finished a winter project just as the weather’s getting cold! And I’m so looking forward to wearing them and moving on to something else.
As I’ve said, I don’t know much about blocking, but I’m quietly hoping that if I block them then maybe the difference will be less noticeable.. I’m not optimistic at all. >_<


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