Crafty Cripple Crocheting with a Cold…

Yup, so I woke up this morning with the plague monkey sitting on my chest snickering down at me.. I tried to ignore him, but alas, I have fallen prey and am officially infected. {insert dramatic sighing here}. In my head I look like Jennie in the first two panels in the comic below, but in reality I’m more like Obby in the last panel.

I love Jennie Breeden and her comic, The Devil’s panties (not satanic porn, fyi). ❤

I’m all rugged-up in bed* with crochet, sci-fi, endless tea and a heatpack that needs to learn to re-heat it’s self. I’ve decided that I won’t worry about the mitts until I’ve tried blocking them and some of my other stuff, too. For now I have moved on.
*If you’ve begun to notice I spend a lot of time in bed it’s because I do. It’s the natural habitat of the Crafty Cripple, especially in winter.. And it’s the warmest comfiest spot in the house I’m staying in for now. :/

So I was admiring my small yarn stash (what little I have with me that isn’t packed in boxes all cold and lonely… Okay, it’s probably not cold, it’s yarn.. But it’s lonely… Stop looking at me like that!) and I’ve decided to make several simple scarves from the more decorative yarns I have. But first I am determined to make myself a new beanie, it has been on my to-do list for too long. Ever since I cut all my hair off (it used to be waist length and not blue) I’ve known that I would need more beanies.
I currently have an adorable beanie with cat ears that was made by my wonderful friend/surrogate mum when I was in high-school. I love it and wear it every winter, but I really want to try making one myself, lined with fleece! 😀
I’m also itching to make this toque, but I don’t have any circular needles at the moment, only a few crochet hooks and knitting needles I bought second hand in pure winter-crafty desperation.

In other news I think I’m following far too many blogs and spending far too much time reading some awesome posts and overloading my brain with crafty inspiration. It’s great! But my gaming is suffering… No, actually that’s my fault, I need to game more. I wonder if my plague monkey will go multi-player with me.

IN CONCLUSION! This is freaking adorable. Yay 😀


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