Jack of all Trades, Master of None

Turns out my cold really threw me around. I kept trying to blog and was just coming out with rambling jibberish. I’m finally getting over it and the brain fog is clearing. JJ sat down and helped me edit it to make sense, turns out I had 2-3 posts all mashed-up. On the up side I’ve been reasonably productive while stuck in bed feeling like death warmed up, so I’ll have some good stuff to show off. ^_^ But here’s the post that was meant to be about a week ago! Enjoy:

I believe I said in my first post that I feel like a jack of all trades and (unfortunately) a master of none. I’ve known for a while that I love learning and trying new crafts and I have a tendency to have several projects going at any one time to skip between (I’m currently sewing, knitting, crocheting and about to try two new techniques). There have been times where I’ve felt a bit down about this for several reasons. I feel like I have a tendency to leave things unfinished. As I’ve gotten older I’ve learnt to press myself to finish creative projects. I put rules down like I can only have three wips on the go at one time and anything left unfinished will count as a wip. It’s for my own good, so that I can have something to show for my time and feel proud. The saying “jack of all trades, master of none” gets me down sometimes. I know that if I were to focus on one particular medium I’d learn new techniques; I’d become better, faster and find ways to improve upon what I produce. I’d also spend less money acquiring materials and tools. It can be expensive buying materials and tools in order to try a new medium with the possibility that I might not like it. That’s why I’m often drawn to recycling/upcycling style crafts like t-shirt yarn and plastic-yarn to save money, and also because I’m just into the whole eco thing generally (but that’s a post for another time). I suppose a part of me feels like one day I might try a medium and fall so totally in love with it that it becomes my master trade, but for the most part I just recognise and accept that I love, love, love learning and teaching myself new crafts.

I remember during one of my two attempts at doing a graphic design course (I had to drop out both times because of my condition–it’s a very heavy workload) we were given a brief to present to the class our own process for inspiration, to show how we get our creative juices flowing. For the first part of the presentation I had a hot water urn boiling over in a corner with a pile of  mugs from my partner and my cat cup collection to offer my classmates and teacher a cup of tea or coffee. I then sat them down and showed them some of the amazing art and design I’d come across in my recent browsing. I remember how excited and passionate I was to share with like-minded people the amazing things I come across online. I love watching people create, and learning new ways to be creative. I’m actually thinking of pushing myself and joining a knitting circle or crafty meet-up group. But that’s more to get me socialising, I don’t think my creative fires need any more fuel or I might just explode. =/

Anywho, I suppose I am a little torn. I try to accept that I tend to be a jack, but a part of me feels like I’d be more productive as a master.
So I’m wondering, which one are you? Do you think it’s better to be a jack or a master?


3 responses to “Jack of all Trades, Master of None

  1. In definitely a jack of all trades. This tends to help me with job security at places I’m employed, as I’m flexible into any job role I’m put into (except sales). With that said though, I’d personally love to be a master of a single subject or two, all while being a jack of all trades.

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