Ooooo, I Gots a Shiney!!

Today’s post has been hijacked! The ever-so awesome Hippy Geek has nominated me for a versatile blogger award… w00t! It might sound a tad cheesy  but I wish I could turn-around and nominate her right back because she has to be one of my favourite bloggers at the moment. So everyone should go have a look-see at her blog-of-awesome. ^_^

To share the love I get to nominate 15 awesome-sauce blogs that I’m stalking at the moment (in a totally non-creepy way). In no particular order:

This took longer than it should have, I kept getting sucked in to reading the blogs! As expected, they’re mainly crafty hehe.

Now for 7 things about me… Don’t really have any specific guidlines for this section, but I guess it shouldn’t be anything obvious, like “I’m a crafty cripple” =P

  • I’m an atheist. I avoided that label for a long time because I felt that it had negative connotations. Then I came across the idea that the best way to give the label a positive connotation is if nice people wear the label with pride and give it a good reputation.
  • I love the colour black and 99% of my wardrobe is black. I’ve been told this is very closed-minded, but it makes me happy. I feel uncomfy and conspicuous in bright coloured clothing… And yet having bight coloured hair doesn’t feel conspicuous 0_o
  • My partner, JJ, and I met through an online dating website. We dated for three months and then he asked me to move in with him. They say fools rush in, but we’ve always lived well together, we just click.
  • I have 17 piercings (no, I’m not telling you where) and two tattoos. I’d have more tattoos if I could afford the damned things >_<
  • I’m a tea-a-holic. My and JJ’s green tea stash is epic, I’d love to have it out on display on a shelf with our tea sets like we have in the past. I also love coffee, but can’t drink much because my tummy is finnicky (thanks meds). I’m currently re-hooked on Chai.
  • I adore Japanese food, I could eat it all day every day. I also enjoy Japanese culture and their general style is just really awesome. Staying in Japan is high on my bucket list. It would be tentacular! .. Because I like tentacles <_< And that’s a real word. >_>
  • I have an outrageous sweet tooth. I’ve tried to watch it because I really don’t want diabetes. But I have several cups of tea and coffee a day, each with 3-4tsp of sugar (I’ve cut down a lot) and I have all kinds of chocolates, sweets and such piled in the pantry for nibbling at throughout the day 😀

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