Yummy Profit Goodness

So I’ve been a bit busy trying to finish my heat pack order for my mum’s office. They’re all done and off to their new home, and it looks like I’ll be making a nice little profit on them, yay! Now I can have some fun experimenting and making some fun shaped heat packs. I’m thinking a dragon, a cat, and of course a bat is on the list. Perhaps even some sort of cat-bat-dragon hybrid.. A Cabagon or maybe a Cragat?

Heat packs in their covers on left, out of covers on right.

I usually do my heat packs over a week, giving my body plenty of time to rest, especially after the evil measuring and marking process of back-braking doom.. But I was so ridiculously proud of myself the other day: I managed to work all day and create five heat packs, start to finish, and wasn’t stuck in bed the next day as punishment. That’s pretty amazing in my books. Even though I stayed up until 1:30am sewing. <_< Ooops.

During this day of epic sewing goodness I had the joy of my cats helping and keeping me company, which was really lovely. When I was down on the floor cutting fabric at one point (for rat bedding, I needed to spread out) I got head-buttin’s and rubbed up against from every angle available. I also had both of them separately come along and determinedly sit right in the middle of my work demanding attention… It was rather gorgeous and I managed to avoid snipping any fur as I went.

Sorry for the crappy phone photo. I loves my helpers.

I spent most of my day/night sitting in my naughty corner watching Supernatural (it’s a guilty pleasure, those boys are funny) where again I was presented with company, cuddling and determined attention seeking. I lived away from my cats for a while recently and I really missed days like these where they actively seek out my company.

“Stop wasting time, woman”

Boo is an excellent almighty overlord. She wasn’t in my way at all.. >_>
While Leo, on the other hand, was really there mainly for the snuggles and body warmth.

This is why we can’t have nice things…

That would be JJ using his new hand-made beanie as a cat toy.. This is why we can’t have nice things, everything is a potential cat-toy. Or ratty chew toy.

Getting the heat packs done and sold really made me feel good, I feel like I’ve been really productive lately. I’ve also had a little mood boost from some complements I’ve recieved, particularly from fellow bloggers. It’s really nice to know that people like my style and I’m not just a nonsensical, rambling mess of babbling with occasional photos to break things up. 🙂 Hopefully I’ll improve as I go on, but I’m glad to know people enjoy the blog so far. ^_^


3 responses to “Yummy Profit Goodness

  1. When I had my cat, he loved to stand on my laptop’s keyboard any time I sat down to write a paper for grad school.It was a rather inconvenient (though cute) habit of his.

    • Oh yeah, we’ve captured some great photos of our cats whoring on computer desks when we’re trying to work. Boo, the black cat, has taken to sitting in front of our tv when we’re trying to game, to get attention. And Leo, the ginger, believes that the toilet and bathroom were built purely to give him a captive audience where he can corner people for pettin’s 😛

  2. One of our cats visits my husband who work from home for a daily 3pm cuddle. Jumps straight on his computer and demands that all work ceases until he has a lap to sleep on. It’s made several national video conferences really ‘professional’!

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