Bats and Beanies

I had every intention of making myself a lovely warm beanie with cute cat ears on top and teaching myself to line it with fleece. Unfortunately what came out was a bit big and just not what I wanted over-all, so it was donated to JJ’s ever-growing winter hat collection.

It does actually fit him, he’s just special…

On the up side I followed this simple tutorial to line it with fleece, which is awesome.

So neat and professional, my craft is moving up on the spiffy ladder!

I’ve been using polar fleece for a little while to sew up bedding and hammocks for my rats. But I’m thinking I’d like to experiment more with lining some of my knitted/crocheted work, it can be excellent at adding warmth and stability (the crocheted hat was originally quite thin, floppy and the stitches were too loose and open for a winter hat). I’m also thinking it’d be fast and easy (I love that fleece doesn’t fray or unravel) to make-up some simple fleece projects, like a hooded shawl or simple appliquéd throw blanket.

I’ve been having some really awesome ideas, creatively. I don’t know what’s going on, but I seem to have gotten a creative energy boost and I don’t see it running out of juice any time soon. I’m not kidding, I had to get up at 1am and write ideas down the other night because I’d been laying in bed wide-awake for over an hour being bombarded by the awesomeness of my brain.
Amusingly a lot of my new ideas lately have been Bat-a-Day related. While I started this blog for the purpose of getting the hang of blogging to record my Bat-a-Day project, I’ve been putting off starting the actual project. I’ve read about how it’s very easy to feel over-whelmed by the daily creative project because it’s 365 days of producing something creative every day (as much as possible). And I’ve also read about how common it is to put off starting the project and coming up with excuses. I feel like I’m swimming in an ocean of ideas; as well as the list of mediums available in my menu, I’ve also got a list of particular project ideas/designs that I write down for myself. A part of me is a little worried that I won’t manage to keep up with it, but that is the main point of the exercise, to add some planning a discipline to my rampant creativity.
I’ve been telling myself that once I’ve moved house I’ll have all of my stuff (including all of my creative materials) unpacked and available, I’ll set-up a nice little work space for my self and I’ll have no excuses left. But I can’y guarantee that nothing will happen within that year, that I won’t move again or lose access to the bulk of my materials for some reason. I’m still managing to be creative most days at the moment, and I’m hoping to be moved in two months. Long story short, I think its time to get off my butt and leap into the project.


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