Neko Beanie & Updateyness

Yes, my model is a lamp. It was more cooperative than our cats!!

I finally took some photos of my beanie. the ears didn’t come out quite the way I wanted. They’re a bit too big (more exaggerated neko, than cute kitty), I didn’t manage to curve them the way I wanted, and they’re a bit too far back. But they’re crocheted directly on to the hat (as opposed to crocheting them seperately and then sewing them on) and they have fleece sewn onto them, so trying to re-do them might be a bit of a fuss. I think it’s something I’ll definitely re-visit at a later date. But for now I’m just happy it’s done. It’s uber fluffy and plushy,  feels lovely to wear, fits like a glove (I was going to line it with blue fleece to match the ears but it fits too well!) and, most importantly, is lovely and warm. 🙂

I always love having super long cords and tassels on my ear-flap beanies. Also, I thought the model could do with some decoration. 😛

JJ and I went out to dinner and a movie recently and I was rather smitten to realise we were both wearing the beanies I’d made for us, and I was also wearing my mittens and a scarf I’d made. It’s such a good feeling to have my work functional and on display, something that looks nice and I’m proud to wear. It’s inspired me to finally finish altering a dress and finish making an up-cycled skirt that’s been waiting patiently, half-finished for a few months now. While JJ and I were out we both received compliments on our beanies, to which JJ proudly beamed that I had made them. It really felt good. 🙂

I’m currently trying my hand at double knitting a scarf as my rest project (the project I work on when I have to rest in bed) just to shake things up. I’d heard about it a while ago but only recently started looking in to it and really getting interested. Although it’s felt like two steps forward, one step back, I am actually really enjoying it and can’t wait to see the final product. It’s one of those things I think will looks really lovely with some gentle blocking to relax all the stitches and get them even. It’s a Dr Who pattern I found on ravelry and I can’t wait to add it to my hand-made wardrobe. I won’t be adding the embellishments that the designer did, although I may add some of my won ideas instead (some different buttons) and I’m doing mine in black and blue because, well, I’m me! 🙂

I’m also working on my first Baturday piece  Just to be a total tease I’m not revealing what it is, but I’m hoping it’ll turn-out as awesome as it looks in my head. I’m not working from a pattern, I’ve pretty much designed it and am just having a go. I can always make something small and simple before the weekend if this project turns out to be some deformed monster that even it’s mother/creator can’t love. 😛

I’ve either felt too busy or too broken for writing blogs, which makes me a bit sad. Although I love keeping up with what everyone else is doing, you guys are pretty damned amazing, I must say. But I saw my osteo today and he pummelled me into a mushy ball of ow (no pain no gain), so I’ll probably have some rest time in bed to catch-up on a bit of blogging and knitting (if I can tear myself away from my current mmo addiction, that is).

Quick side note, warm, home-made scones with jam and cream coupled with shooting monsters in videos games make for excellent pain management on flare days. 😀



9 responses to “Neko Beanie & Updateyness

  1. Love the Beanie! 😀

    Which monsters are you shooting btw? I get so excited when I see other people posting about video games that I have to nosey in and ask 😉

    • Haha well at the time I was attempting to shoot anything and everything In Borderlands on ps3. It was fun but I’m not too good at fps, I tend to lean towards rpg’s, currently enjoying bashing crap in Tera ^_^

      • YAY! PS3! I’m working my way through Borderlands 2 just now and suck massively at FPS. Not heard of Tera – will have to go and google 😉

      • Tera’s a fun free to play mmorpg I just started recently. It’s cute and I really like the battle style, much more action based, lots of movement. I used to play Rift quite heavily, that’s another fun one. And yes, yay for ps3 ^_^ I’m usually more of an xbox fan, but since my partner has a ps3 I thought it’s a bit silly to get an xbox with mostly the same game range =P

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