Yup, it’s finally here, the first Baturday of my creative year. Yay! Almost didn’t make it in time, actually. I got carried away trying to finish a different project (the baturday piece was already done and waiting patiently) and didn’t realise the day was almost over!
I’ve got to say, I’m pretty damned happy with the way it turned out. I didn’t have a pattern or any real experience in sewing toy-type-shapes, I mainly take up pants and do simple, flat shapes like my heat packs and their pillow cases, and rat hammocks. Although I am rather happy I learnt to do button holes recently and am planning to learn zippers, soon. Not to mention the little pile of toy patterns I’ve been eyeing.. forever learning. ^_^

Baturday 1: Batty Heat Pack

It’s a bat heat pack. It’s cold and I’ve had heat packs on the brain, I guess. I’ve also been intending to play with making shapes/toys with me heat packs for a little while now. So here he is. ^_^
This was mainly experimentation with some hit-and-miss; I pretty much just tried to wing it (lol). I think he could’ve been a bit better: he’s a little over stuffed which meant I couldn’t put the defining/separating stitches on his wings that I wanted. But I managed to put separation stitching “in the ditch” on each side of his body to keep the wheat staying in it’s own little areas (each wing section and the torso+head section).

His wings are a lovely cotton fat quarter I picked-up at Big W (I was surprised to find a small, cheap craft section there and happily snavelled some yarn and fabric). His body and head are anti-pill polar fleece so they’re kinda fuzzy and plush. The whole thing is lined with calico on the inside to give some insulation for the wheat and make it a little easier to handle straight out of the microwave.
But all-in-all I think he’s adorable. He’s my little frankenstein.

In other news, I’m afraid I’ve been slacking off a bit on the blog front, I just don’t seem to have the writing juices* lately, thinking I might have a swing at some daily prompts soon. But I certainly still have the creative juices* in overload and am looking forward to showing off some of the things I’ve been working on. I’ve also just received a little more heat pack work, so I’ll need to try to wiggle that in with my other projects and get them done soon. I’m also sad to report that while I was making good progress on learning double knitting I got to a point in the pattern and realised I’d cast on the wrong amount of stitches so I’ll have to frog and start again. I didn’t get that far through it but with all the “two steps forward one step back” that small amount felt like quite the achievement.
*I feel the need to make a small side note to say that every time I say, write or think the word “juices” I’m giggling like a pre-pubescent moron. So I’m sorry if I over-use the word but.. it’s kinda like “moist, there’s just something dirty and funny there. So now you’ll be in on my little joke and understand that I’m just quietly cracking myself up. The same tends to go for puns and innuendo.

Anywho, back to crafty crippling… or cripple crafting.. No, that sounds like I’m creating some sort of cripple frankenstein creatures. =/ They wouldn’t be an effective monster army at all!


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