Sewing Away the Guilt

So I’m not one to spend large amounts of money on clothes. I prefer to op-shop and occasionally buy something new at large shops like Target (which I try to avoid for the most part). I buy a lot of second hand in general, and I’ll often buy cheap clothes and shoes on ebay. So when I recently bought a pair of boots for $350+, without even trying them on, from an online store… I was struggling a bit with guilt and paranoia. These are boots that I’ve wanted for about eight years because I like the style and I know the company makes sturdy shoes that will last me a long time (New Rock). After spending years wanting to buy a pair for myself I recently decided it was overdue and took the plunge. I’ve really been needing a new pair of nice everyday shoes (no high heels because of my back), my old runners make be feel daggy, and the last pair of cheap ebay boots I bought fell apart in a couple of months!
These uber expensive ones haven’t arrived yet and I’m still worrying whether they’ll fit, whether I bought the right style, whether I’ll like them (you can’t return for change of mind, only for incorrect sizes, defects and distribution mistakes). There’s nothing to be done now but wait and see.

However, to sooth my splurge-guilt I decided to work on two sewing projects that have been sitting in my project basket for about six months now. I recently finished the first:

Pardon the creases, it’d been folded away for quite a while. Might try to iron out the side folds,

I’m surprised at how easy this was, and feel a bit silly for putting it off. I’m a jeans person, I prefer to wear pants and I usually only wear dresses and skirts when it’s hot or if I’m hit with a rare wave of oestrogen resulting in a “girly” mood. So I’m still not sure if I like it, but that may be just because it’s a skirt. It feels a bit stiff, I’m used to my skirts being very soft and flow-y. But I made it, so I’m pretty happy. It was fast and easy and I did it based on a picture I saw in a book I was flipping through at a shop, so I guess you’ve got to be happy with that. And it has pockets!! I’m always lost without pockets, and skirts often don’t have any.

Rear view looks a bit better. Hoping it’ll be nicer/softer if I wear it in a bit.

I’m really enjoying experimenting with upcycling old jeans. I need to go back to work on my rat hammocks so I can try to sell some. But I’m hoping to try making some jeans bags, I love the idea of having all those outside pockets and maybe teaching myself to make some zipper pockets inside, as well.

I’ll hopefully get around to my second project soon, although I’m also working on some more ordered heat packs, my double knitting fiasco, and wrestling with this Baturday project. Back to work for me, then!


6 responses to “Sewing Away the Guilt

  1. Love this! It looks really good.
    I got some malicia new rocks about 10 years ago and they’re still good! I even moshed in their crazy steel high heels (that was many moons ago)

    • That’s awesome! I was sorely tempted to get some heels, but I could only justify one pair and figured every-day boots was the smarter move. But how great do they last? It’s really impressive.

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  3. Pingback: Baturday 6 | The Crafty Cripple·

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