Online Consumption & Crafty Fantasies

One day I think I’m just going to get lost in the internet. I’ll be absorbed like a crumb in an abyss of cleavage, never to be seen again. I spend quit a bit of time online day to day. I actually have a folder on my browser bookmark bar at the moment dedicated to blogs, pinterest boards, shops, etc. because sometimes promising myself that I can look at whatever it is later and it’ll still be there is the only way to tear myself away and actually do something with my day. When I discovered pinterest I was so excited to be able to display and share all the nifty things I find online, from craft supplies to clothes, tutorials and patterns. And it’s a lot better than my bookmark folders which tend to get overloaded and I forget half of what’s in them. It’s so much nicer having some small pictures to look at and remind me what it was that I wanted to save to look at later.

Recently I had the misfortune of coming across the most amazing sewing/quilting/embroidery machine evar. The Berina 830 seems to do just about everything and looks like a super-cool spaceship while it’s at it. I’ve been drooling over it quite a bit today, looking at reviews and such of what all it’s functions are. I can’t afford anything like this and won’t be able to n the foreseeable future, but it’s nice to fantasise. In all honesty my machine does everything that I need and I’m still learning, the only thing I’ve been really wishing for is an overlocker to make my work more neat and professional and keep edges from fraying (even with my pinking shears, edges often end-up unkempt). I only found the uber fancy machine because I was considering quilting for the umpteenth time. I love the idea of making beautiful queen-sized quilts to admire and snuggle in, but when it comes to the actual quilting I know it’d be too big of a job for my little sewing machine; I keep trying to remind myself I could take it to be done by someone with a proper quilting machine, there’s plenty of ads around for it. Perhaps at some point I’ll give it a shot..

I’ve also discovered the wonder that is interchangeable knitting needles and crochet hooks; I didn’t even know these existed. I’ve got a lovely set of bamboo hooks and needles packed away in storage for moving. But looking at this set  is just making me go all gooey, I think it might have to go on my xmas list. The idea of having almost everything you need all pretty, matching  and together in one spot just makes me happy, as much as I appreciate my worse for wear op-shop needles and hooks that I’ve been acquiring while waiting to move house.

But really, if I’m honest, I think I’m just fantasising because I’m itching to get myself a little craft desk set-up like I used to have. I’m itching to move in general and get settled into my own home. Not long now, fingers crossed.
Anywho, far too much wasting time perusing the interwebs today. I have plenty to do, including working on tomorrow’s Baturday project. ^_^


4 responses to “Online Consumption & Crafty Fantasies

  1. That happens to me ALL the time. I’ll head over to Pinterest to look for 1 project and end up spending hours pinning things to my boards! One of these days I’ll have to take up a personal Pinterest challenge – stop pinning and start doing!

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