Baturday 2

I’ve been admiring a cute little pattern that I came across when first putting together my Batty Inspiration board on Pinterest. I found this little gem on Ravelry and knew I just had to have a go at it. I was humming and harring quit a bit this week as to what to do, I seem to be a bit spoilt for ideas.

Vlad ❤

It’s called “From Vlad to Bat” and he transforms between the two.  He didn’t take me long at all to work up and I’m really happy with how he came out. I’m particularly impressed with how well both the vamp and the bat sit up by them selves. When trying the amigurami from “Creepy Cute Crochet” I often used the suggested technique of having plastic pellets at the bottom of the figurine, beneath the stuffing, to add weight and stability. But this little guy seems quite stiff and stable all by himself. I was also trying to be thrifty and just use what I had around the house, so vlad’s head is stuffed with fabric scraps and the eyes are some beads I had in a beading set.

Batty ❤

He’s rather adorable, I’m glad he came out well. I didn’t give the bat a nose because I didn’t have any brown or pink yarn/thread. I also didn’t use safety eyes, which the pattern says, but instead used beads and a rather nifty little way of working them into a crochet stitch that I found on youtube.

The bat wings feel a bit flimsy, but I like how delicate they are. The ears make me think of Totoro, while JJ commented that they look like bunny ears. These certainly aren’t bad features, I think they all add-up to make him very cute indeed. ^_^ Okay, I’ll stop fawning over him now. 😛

While I worked away at my project I was lucky enough to have JJ cook dinner AND dessert. Lemon delicious is soooo yummy! I’m shameless in my appreciation of good sweets. 😀 OHMnomnom

Lemon De-li-ci-OUS! *devours*


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