I often feel like my energy levels are effected by my blue dye fading out. It always gives me a real boost to get a hair cut and get re-blue-ified. Although the bleach can be quite harsh on my skin, I’d like to find a hairdresser who’s gentle with me =/. Once the stain manages to get off my skin I might show a picture of my hair at the moment, I tried a new dye brand which comes highly recommended to I’m excited to see how it goes (blue hair dyes are infamous for fast-fading). The blue looks a bit darker than usual, but I’m hoping that’s a sign that it’ll be strong and fade well. *shrug*

I’ve been rather productive in my creative life, which I’m quite happy about. I had a good solid day of work recently and got quite a bit done, despite my lower back and hips having conniptions. There’s more work to be done (Isn’t there always) but I’m having a rest day after being beaten to a pulp by my lovely Osteopath yesterday.
I’m also glad to report that I’m going quite well with this week’s Baturday project. I’ve kinda got two projects battling each other and have yet to really decide which one should be focused on for this week. I’d better get on it quick-smart, though, as it looks like I’m going to have a rather socially busy weekend coming up (it’s a long weekend for us in aus) with no time for last-minute Baturday rush or creativity in general, really. But I’m really not a social person usually, so I’m just going to ride the wave and make use of the long weekend.

Lastly in creative updates I’m considering re-trying my hand at polymer clay, and perhaps, further down the track, resin as well. I have tried polymer clay a couple of years ago when I made a batch of button eyes for my creepy crochet projects. I really enjoyed working with it but the conditioning was too hard on my hands and I’m prone to enough aches and pain without having to battle with clay. But I really love the idea of working with it, making some charms, jewellery and maybe a little sculpting. So I’m thinking I’ll invest in some Fimo Soft and possibly some conditioner if I really struggle. I like the idea of conditioning with a pasta machine but the cheapest I’ve found is $99 and I really can’t justify that.

Anywho, creative brain overload. I have a rather gorgeous kitty to snuggle, a broken body to rest, and some games that desperately need playing. ^_^


Baturday (Photo credit: Butter Sponge)


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