Baturday 3

I’m really happy with this week’s piece. I had originally planned to do something else and kept struggling to decide which project to go with, this one won out.

Button Bat

My first attempt at this came out looking more like an owl, JJ not-so-gently pointed this out while I was having the exact same thought. The backing fabric, while I’m rather smitten with it, felt too dark and didn’t allow the buttons to pop away from the background, so I switched to my second choice (JJ’s preferred fabric was an even lighter colour but it felt too baby blue for me).

Weird owl/bat fail =( Love that fabric so much, damn it >_<


I tried to style the bat more similar to batman logos, especially focusing on the scalloped curves under the wings to really make the intended animal obvious. The head and body are made up of brown and black buttons, while the wings are made up of a black and grey/silver mix. I did toy with the idea of eyes and a nose for a while but they ended-up looking either creepy or dopey no matter how I tried, so I left it as a silhouette.

Stitching so far.

I glued the fabric to the canvas with some pva and then secured it with hot glue at the back for some insurance. I would’ve preferred going at it with a staple gun, but I think I torture my wallet too much as it is. 😛
Once I was happy with the buttons I glued them all down with more pva. Some of the buttons had to be sewn down (they were the ones with a little ring at the back instead of holes through the top) and I decided I liked the idea of sewing them all down for texture as well as security. It’s a bigger job than I’d bargained for and, as you can see, I still haven’t finished it. I’m also finding the buttons are coming away from the fabric as I try to sew them, especially the smaller ones, but I guess you get that. It’s not bothering me much, the gluing wasn’t a waste of time because sewing all this by hand without the glue would have been a nightmare!

Anywho, I think it turned out alright. I do feel like the negative space is feeling a little empty, I’ve been considering some decorative stitching, but I don’t really want to over-crowd it, especially given that the fabric is already patterned. Perhaps after a year or two, when I’m sick of looking at it, I’ll add to it and dress it up a bit.
Hope you guys like it. Let me know if you’ve got any ideas for my negative space, or any ideas for some other Baturday projects or mediums you’d like to see? I’m full of ideas, but I always love to nibble on other people’s imagination ^_^ .. In a non-creepy way >_>


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