Burnt out

I’m rather bummed that I haven’t been posting much. I’ve wanted to but haven’t really had the energy or focus. I had an awesome long weekend but totally burnt myself out and recovery is going a lot slower than I’d like. I knew it might knock me a bit, but I guess if I factor in winter and my body’s ongoing bad mood I should’ve predicted the outcome.

I ended-up treating myself to a craft haul early last week thinking that I wasn’t going to be spending much money on the weekend considering my plans (present self is currently cackling maniacally at silly past self with her confident little craft splurge). I got some pretty awesome stuff, notably some polymer clay and heat embossing supplies which I can’t wait to experiment with.

Two of the three display stands. And a cheeky opportunity to show off my watercolour anniversary painting from a couple of years ago.

I ended-up splurging again when I went with my mother on a day trip to Healesville. We had every intention of going to the sanctuary but ended-up walking around for several hours enjoying all the lovely shops and happily handing over our money. I finally found a good-quality sewing basket and I also pounced on some really pretty display stands, one for my new bat button canvas, and a couple more to encourage me to do more canvas work.. or just because they were pretty. 😛

The smallest stand, so prettyful.

I then went to stay with some friends and got “dragged” (real happily and agreeably escorted) off to a direct factory outlet shopping centre that just happened to have a spotlight (big craft store) which just happened to have a 50% off ALL yarn sale.. >_> Needless to say I had no control over my spending that day! The yarn was so soft and pretty and I had encouragement. It was peer pressure, I swear it officer! >_>

Uber soft bamboo cotton yarn *melts* yummy

I then came home and bought some more supplies online that I’d been planning to buy since I decided to get my polymer clay and such, while JJ quietly mocked my guilty face (I don’t usually splurge as much as I did so I’m feeling rather naughty if you can’t tell). So my weekend was good, despite spending each day convinced I’d have to cancel the next and giving my wallet a thorough beating.
The best possible ending to my lovely weekend was spending a winter evening snuggled up in bed with a lovely fire burning, watching Firefly with JJ and our cats, crocheting with some soft new yarn.

Me struggling with a tight stitch.. the yarn is so plush I forgive it.

Simple granny square to start a blanket. Also, new ring is pretty ^_^

If I’m a little inactive, just blame winter and Fibromyalgia but I promise, come hell or high water (why is “high water” comparable to fear of “hell”?), Baturday will go on!


2 responses to “Burnt out

    • Yep, it feels so good! Totally worth it. I love being stocked-up and able to actually get the ideas out of my head and into existence. 🙂 I think it’s just the crafty way to be, we have to have our craft stashes 😛

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