Baturday 5

I had so much trouble this week trying to coordinate with JJ to take some photos or at least borrow his camera. When the camera was available I was often busy or buggered and when I wanted to take photos JJ was often out doing work with the camera (it is a work camera after all). And I’d like to be able to show what I’m doing when I’m talking about it, as I know I’m often not very good with the words. ūüėõ
I also had good intentions to get Baturday done during the week so I wouldn’t be rushing at the last minute but, inevitably, the week slips by while I’m working on other things. I reserved last night for Baturday work but ended-up taking my rats off to a vet which takes about an hour to drive to (she’s a really good rat vet, and I’d rather they see someone who I can trust knows about rats specifically and isn’t just guessing). The boys are okay, they’ve just got some sniffles and I’m a paranoid mama because I know how good rats are at hiding illness and how quickly they can become very sick. So I often over-react to any small symptoms, I’d rather be safe than sorry.

So today was the day, Baturday! And I woke-up in agonizing pain. *facepalm* It hurt to move or breath and I just had to wait in bed until JJ got back from work so he could try to help me move and decide what to do. He calmly put up with my crying and carefully helped me roll onto my stomach so that that I could try to get up and eventually find a sitting position. I thought I should find a Dr asap and JJ figured an Osteo would be more logical. I was scared I’d somehow¬†herniated a disc in my sleep, that’s really how it felt.¬†In the end I phoned Nurse-on-call for advice, I¬†absolutely¬†adore that service. It’s great for times when I don’t know how urgent something might be, or even if I just have a question about my medications. Anywho, the advice was heatpacks, anti-inflammatories¬†and see a Dr within 24 hours. I got a Dr appointment within an hour, got in to see the Dr within 5 minutes (that NEVER happens, talk about lucky), he poked and prodded and said I’d pulled a muscle. 0_0 Pulled a muscle?!! I didn’t know something so small and simple could be so painful, and I’m on quite a lot of pain medication as it is.
While all this was going on, my main thought was “I’m not going to get to do Baturday”. But after the trip to the Dr, a hot cup of tea and a heatpack I was determined that Baturday would go on! And I was moving about quite a bit better, I’m not silly enough to hurt myself for Baturday =P

And this week’s Bat is: Pancake-Bat! ūüėÄ
I’ve been wanting to play with shaped pancakes for a while after admiring some great pancake blogs (usually parents trying to amuse their kids) and I love pancakes. Specifically crepes, the self-raising flour in the fluffy ones doesn’t taste good to me. I regularly make-up big batches of crepes with lemon and sugar, my favourite!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I figured I’d start with some simple practise and slowly worked my way up to bats. I also did a pretty¬†lacy¬†heart and a cheesy I ‚̧ U pancake. JJ wrestled away the squeezie bottle to have a go himself, producing a gun and an egg shape that was meant to be a smiley face. I think the best bat was one of my first few which looks like a menacing vampire bat, and the baby bats I did at the end were kinda cute. It was pretty awkward, one of those things that requires practise, I guess. But the process was fun and the results were tasty. I also took the opportunity to go mad with the camera and stocked-up on some photos of my current work for more blogs ūüėÄ


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