My Rats in Miniature

Miso and Mochi

While I was making bats from polymer clay for a Baturday project, I was also making little figurines of my two gorgeous rat boys. This is something I’d been intending to do for a while after coming across this youtube tutorial. I might consider adding wings after the boys have passed, but for now it seems logical for them not to have wings.

Mochi waits while his brother is being made.

I really loved doing this and trying to add in all their personal markings. I didn’t get them all in, but mostly. The real Mochi (the darker rat) has a white tummy, white socks and his tail is a dark colour with white on the tip; while the real Miso is mainly white with some soft brown around his head, shoulders and a few spots on his back. I didn’t want to go into too much detail, and this polymer session was one I happened to struggle with as I was in a lot of pain at the time and having difficulty concentrating, while being determined to get the work done (mainly because of Baturday). I’d really wanted to bake a bigger batch of goodies but considering my condition at the time I think I did alright.

Fresh from the oven with the bats.

I love the figurine’s tails.. and the real tails, too! ❤

The white clay drove me utterly insane. I’d heard a lot of complaints and advice about white polymer clay in tutorials I’ve watched but was/am still in total awe of it’s ability to get completely filthy no matter how clean you try to keep your hands and workspace. You can really see dirtiness on Miso’s tummy. I’ve come across some advice for cleaning the white clay after the work has been baked which I would’ve liked to try on the rat figurines but I’d already put a coat of glaze on them while I was glazing the bats.

The closest our cat, Boo, will ever get to my boys (she’s the hunter-type unfortunately).

I fully intend to make little figurines of our two cats, Leo and Boo, as well. I love the idea of having keepsakes of our furry family, although more and more I’ve been considering getting a tattoo of the rat’s and cat’s paw-prints as I often struggle to find a memento when my animals pass and it’s a way to keep them with me.

And for a little real-life reference (and because I never miss and chance to show-off my babies) here’s some photos of the real rat boys. They’re named after my favourite Japanese foods because they’re so sweet I could just gobble them up. ^_^

Mister Miso, greedily lapping up his licky-mix. ❤

Mister Mochi. I wish I had his tail in shot, the white tip is icing on the adorable markings cake.


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