Baturday 6

Cutting it close today!

I was awoken today by JJ singing “What day is it? It’s Baturday!” and trying to convince me that our cats were saying as such, as well.

I had a very slow start today, and this week in general, I’ve been losing quite a lot of time. But that happens to crafty cripples in winter; we move in slow motion, start creaking and rusting up, and regularly get lost in the thickening blankets of brain fog that inevitably rolls in like a fluffy winter doona.

Appliqué colony of Baturday Bats!

This week’s Bat is an appliqué; a colony of appliqué bats, to be precise. On a jeans skirt you might recognise as an upcycle from a previous post.

Getting an idea about placement with the stencilled fusible.

I sketched some bats in various phases of flight, just silhouettes, and then some small bats to fill out the colony as it rises up from the hem, as though from a  cave. Once I had a few shapes I liked I traced whichever half of each bat that I liked best and made a symmetrical copy of each bat onto some drawing cartridge (it’s got a bit of weight and makes a decent stencil). I then cut them out and made several copies onto my fusible interface paper.

All ironed down, although you can’t see the back-pocket bat hiding on the other side.

I ironed them onto that nice marbled-like fabric that you might recognise from Baturday 3, the fabric I really wanted but knew was too dark. Once the colony was placed nicely and ironed on to the skirt I knew straight away that sewing the edges with the black thread I had simply wouldn’t allow the bats to pop away from the skirt. So, other than certainly having battled my fibro-monster enough for today, I’m setting the project down to be completed when I get my hands on a nice dark-blue thread (because I need an excuse to go to the craft store, we all know how dangerous that place is for my poor little wallet!)

Pocket Bat. That’ll be fun the sew! :/

I love the way they are flying up from near the hem around the back of the skirt, up and around the the front. They’re just running down one side/leg of the jeans in a sort of triangular shape and then I’ve put one more on the back pocket of the other side. You’ll see what I mean when I’m happy showing the whole thing all sewn-up and complete.

But for now, that’s this week’s Baturday. 🙂


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