Missing Baturday

Hey guys, so as you may have noticed, last week I didn’t post a Baturday. I’m rather annoyed that it’s so late in the week that I’m finally getting to post and apologise. I’ve been quite run-down, I over-stretched myself a bit last weekend and used a few too many spoons. I’m annoyed that I missed a Baturday, I know it was inevitable but I am disappointed it’s happened so early in the project; hopefully it’s out of the way and will be a rarity. However there will be times when my posts dwindle to the once a week Baturday only if I’m a bit busy battling with my fibro-monster. Sad bat 😦

So as I said, I over-stretched a little. I’ve been a bit busy organising houses to inspect and apply for (hopefully moving asap!) and as it got to Friday evening I realised that I’d totally booked my Baturday and had no time to work on my project, which I’d barely started. I figured it’s okay, I’ll just finish and post it on Sunday (hah! stupid past crafty cripple). JJ and I spent the better part of Baturday driving around inspecting houses, which was exciting but spoon-consuming. I then drove all the way out to do dinner and a movie with my mum, she’s about an hour’s drive each way from me, so the drive is two hours alone. I also had a scary drive home on windy (twisty, not blowy) back roads at night in pouring rain, and fishtailing in some big puddles while trying to keep up my speed while I get tail-gated by wankers! *huff* So that was not fun, and I was pretty exhausted after all the adrenaline and death-gripping my steering-wheel >_<. So unfortunately I was totally wiped on Sunday and just couldn’t bring myself to be of any use to anyone. And that’s just been dragging on through the week; between my fatigue and pain I’m a bit of a mope.
I have’t even been gaming, I’ve been working for short bursts, but mainly sitting in bed watching tutorials and generally making myself feel bad because I want to be working. I need a little t-shirt that says “I’d rather be working by my fibro-monster insists on endless, epic battles.” I know I should just chill and try to relax and get some gaming in. Although I have had the joy of JJ and cat company in the evenings, curled-up watching “Castle” together while I knit and eat too many sweets. Yeah, starting to get a bit worried about my sugar addiction, but that’s a whole other conversation.

So Baturday had been delayed but I’m determined to have it up this weekend. You’ll see what I mean when it’s up (don’t want to spoil the surprise) but it involved a lot of ironing. I never iron clothes (life’s too short!) I only ever iron for craft projects, so we don’t own an ironing board. I knew as soon as I tried to do it on the coffee table that my back wouldn’t last five seconds bending like that, so I’ve had to do it out on the dining table and even then it seems to be more standing and bending than my body is willing to put up with. But it’s almost done (yay!) and I’m really hopeful that this Baturday will be up and functioning. I’ve also got a little back list of blogs that I want to get written up and posted to show you guys what I’ve been up to when I am working. 😉

Hope everyone’s doing better than me! 😛

I type in "cat meme" and they give me this.. 0_o

Cats in Bat Country (Photo credit: cote)


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