Baturday 9

Yay, it’s finally Baturday!

Pretty wire-wrapped bat, yay! ^_^

I’ve really been wanting to post more, but between house-hunting, medical appointments, exhaustion and craftyness I’ve feel rather busy.
I told you guys I wanted this Baturday to be pretty, after last week turning out so blah. I think my idea for next week will turn out even prettier, I’m so happy with this week’s Baturday. It was surprisingly fast and easy, and the first project I’ve done so far that was already done in bat-form. I’ll admit it was a bit fiddly, and there was some colourful language, but for the most part it was just plain fun. I like to fiddle, so I think wire wrapping is really up my alley in that way. And it’s a medium I’ve really been wanting to try to see if it’s something I might explore in my semi-decision to focus a bit more on jewellery in regards to craft I want to make to sell.

Fore size reference.

I followed this tutorial, which was clear, concise and easy to follow; I love her cat meowing away in the background. I think JJ gets sick of my grumbling about youtube tutorials. I really hate having to watch/listen to people fumble about with their words and their project in the hope that I might find a small gem of good information.  I watch a lot of youtube tutorials and I think I’ve become really impatient, there are just way too many people who have no idea what they’re talking about making long, bumbling videos, aimed at beginners, which is really unhelpful because they’re often giving really poor, or plain wrong, information.

ANYWHO! lol There’s a topic I can rant on. But this video is great. And I’m really happy with how my bat came out.

Hope everyone’s doing well, I might not be commenting much but I am trying to stay up to date with reading blogs, I love getting inspired by the great work you guys do.
I promise to get some more blogs up during the week to show what I’m getting so busy with outside of Baturday. 🙂


Leo gives his mark of approval.


5 responses to “Baturday 9

  1. Ok, so I googled ‘Baturday’ and found you, along with learning something new about fruit bats. Lets just say it’s vaguely related to the score you guys got in tonight’s boardgame.

    I like the wire batty. Could make some great jewelry, or even a sweet ornament. I imagine you could even incorporate beads and things if you wanted to?

    Anyway, it was good to catch up with you again. Don’t be a stranger.

    • Thanks 🙂 Still giggling at the fruit bats, gotta love the internet!
      I originally planned on doing a beaded bat but the information requires a bit more time and study before I’ll try it. I could definitely add beads to this, though, I just stuck to the tutorial for starters to get my head around it. I think perhaps smaller and a different colour might make an appealing pendant, but it definitely looks good as a simple ornament, I’m considering hanging it in the car. ^_^
      Thanks again for having us over, it was a fun night. 😀

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