Polymer Play

So I’ve been focusing on Polymer Clay lately and I figured showing some of my progress is a bit over due.
I did have myself set-up at the coffee table so I had a place to spread out where I didn’t have to pack-up completely but could leave things ready for me to jump back into work the next day. But as the weather got colder and my health became more frustrating I decided to try migrating my work to the bed. I thought it was laughable at first and wouldn’t really work, but surprisingly I’ve managed it. My pasta machine is viced onto my bedside table and my work space is a small glass chopping-board resting on a stable table. I often end-up with my bedside table over-stacked and random tools and supplies spread out on the bed, but it’s warm and more comfy than foam chairs at a coffee table where I usually have to hunch. I really can’t wait to move house, have heating and my own desk, and hopefully not have to spend too much time in bed, I’m a little over it 😛

So here’s what I was doing shortly after making Baturday 4 and my mini rats.

Black and silver canes.

My first attempt at making a cane, evar, and I was feeling pretty impressed with myself. I made the flower (millefiori) cane based on this youtube tutorial and was/am quite happy with the outcome. I then made the lace cane to go along with it, which is basically varying sizes of black and silver bullseye cane stacked and reduced over and over. I think I was most excited with how small I could make the millefiori cane and still keep so much detail, it was awesome. I’ve still got some of these canes saved, I really love them.

Sooooo many cane slices!

This was great cane slicing practise for me, as you can see 😛 There’s my finished cane pendant, the earrings almost done, my bead balls ready to be covered in mass amounts of cane slices, and my two scrap pendants.

Pretty scrap pendants.

I love how tribal the scrap pendants came out. I learnt this from this youtube tutorial. Between this technique and the stroppel cane, I really love having scraps to play with about as much as the work that the scraps came from.


This was me playing with my new mica powders, chalk pastels, and basically just experimenting. I love the black and purple earrings and was wearing them all the time… Until I lost one when I was out one night T_T But because I made them I just reminded myself that I can remake them even better than they were. I really don’t like the white and blue one or the stars (which were white clay coloured with chalk pastels) and I tried to emboss the black earrings and star pendant which also turned out pretty disappointing. But that’s what happens when you experiment, you get some good and some bad. 🙂

Completed jewellery

Here’s the jewellery that I made from that batch (not including the scrap canes, they ended-up looking pretty much the same). I’m really happy with the set, especially considering it was a first try for me and I hadn’t been learning very long. The earrings and pendants aren’t perfectly flat, they’re kinda lumpy.. I’ve been trying to think of them as very “organic” and hand made. 🙂 The bracelet is a little chunkier than I’m used to, but I’m thinking I might enjoy wearing it more in summer when I won’t have long sleeves.
Random side note: I think I’m going to start using toggle clasps on almost all jewellery, they’re so much easier to use than lobster clasps!

Back view of the pendant.

Here’s what I’ve been working on more recently since investing in a second-hand pasta machine and now that I’ve learnt some really helpful information about the basics of working with polymer clay.

My brain cane collection.

I really love how my brain cane came out. I learnt how to do it in this youtube tutorial and used blue, purple, silver and black. I then laid out slices of the cane with some slices of a black and silver jelly roll cane to fill in gaps. I cut the slices quite thick as I plan to sand the pieces  but then I couldn’t get the to sit flush with their background without too much distortion, so this is something I’ll have to work on next time.

Love this cane and the pendant ^_^

The flip side.

This is the back side of the pendant and earring collection, I love the idea of adding something interesting on the back.

Trying to to waste the fail cane..

This was a cane that I was hesitant to make because I was concerned that the colours wouldn’t work. I really didn’t end up liking the colours, and I had so much trouble reducing it, I ended-up distorting it. It also looks nothing like the flower cane from the tutorial, which is so disappointing, it’s so pretty. But I’m trying not to waste it, so I’ll just have to see what I can come up with.

Tentacles!!!!!! yay ^_^

Tentacles were inevitable, I have a sincere affection for tentacles and also enjoy joking about hentai. The gorgeous swirly lentil beads were made from some cane scraps and I love them. I’m definitely developing a bit of a lentil bead obsession, and perhaps a scarp-work obsession as well.

I can’t wait to bake and sand and polish my latest work, hopefully I’ll end-up with some more professional looking pieces. 🙂
Also, if anyone’s interested, I’ve been learning through a lot of hunting on youtube and google as normal, but I really have to recommend Cindy Leitz. Her tutorials are really awesome and professional, I’ve actually started buying some tutorials which is something I never thought I’d do, but I think she’s worth it. ^_^ Here’s her youtube link which is where I started watching all her free stuff. 🙂


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