Baturday 10: Batty-gami

Well…. what a horrible couple of days I’ve had. All the unbaked polymer I showed in my last post? In the bin.. I burnt ALL of it. And melted a hunk of plastic I forgot to take out of my bead tray, and stunk up the kitchen needless to say. I was also trying to work on a friendship bracelet pattern for Baturday, determined to ignore the loss of two weeks work and get on with what I was doing, but when trying to undo a couple of knots I’d done wrong I created a big mess and accidentally broke some of the strings. I had to wrap it up and put it away before I just lost the plot and went postal. Yup, that was a bad day. So today I sat down and decided to try origami instead, now that I was feeling a lot calmer. My intention was to find a pattern that I could make quite small and glaze for a pendant or earrings. I did come across a pair of origami bat earrings, but after attempting a few normal sized patterns I decided that, without more practise, it wouldn’t look very nice/crisp if I tried to make them in miniature. If I’m going to do some origami jewellery I think I’ll start with lucky starts, I tend to be able to do those with little concentration. 😛

I came across this really cool tutorial for a bat that could also fly, like a paper aeroplane. I’ve always sucked at paper aeroplanes and sure enough, my bat nose dives. I needed rectangular paper, so my origami squares were out, and I decided to use some scrap printing paper. Both JJ and I agree this is the ugliest paper bat anyone has ever tried to make… The tutorial was a little hard to keep up with and I think that it was honestly a bit out of my skill level, I do’t do origami very often.

Ugly Bat Belly

Ugly Bat back

Ugly Bat Face

Feeling a little frustrated, and determined to not be satisfied with another ugly Baturday, I moved on to a pattern* that had been used for these cute little bat earrings. Again, possibly a bit out of my skill level, but I think he turned out okay. I’m not at all confident that I could make some as small as the ones pictured for earrings, though.
*To get to the bat pattern click “Fold more models”, then “Origami Now!” and select the “Happy Goodluck Bat” image.

Puffy Bat

I liked the look of this heart with bat wings, and I really like the way it came out, although I think it’d be much nicer using paper patterned/coloured on both sides. I did try to make this one a quarter of the size but it was so horrible I’m not even going to show pictures. 😛

Bat wing heart

The last two are very similar, quite simple designs that I really enjoyed and would probably be the easier patterns to downsize. The one to the left is the “Halloween Bat” and the one to the right is the “Hungry Bat“.

Two simple bats.

And finally, I picture of the mangled plastic that I melted in the over. I bet those fumes were great for us! :/ I didn’t bother taking pictures of the burnt polymer, it stank and I was angry, but it was all charcoal black. I have no idea why it all burned, really. I had the oven at the right temperature, I tented my bead rack and my bowl of cornstarch that I had to make sure the tentacles didn’t end up with flat spots, and then all my flat pieces were sandwiched between baking paper and two ceramic tiles. I really don’t want to be put off polymer, I really want to try working with it again, but I don’t know how to re-approach it when I feel like I tried to do everything right.

That’s now in the bin, too. It was a handy hunk of plastic and half the reason I bought the bead rack.

For tonight I plan to rug up in bed and crochet and/or knit with some luxurious, soft, bulky yarn. It’s that kind of weather and I’m in that kinda of mood.

Happy Baturday, guys. 🙂 Here’s hoping for a better one next week.


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