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It’s late and I’m literally about to lay down to sleep, but I’m so excited and relieved I just had to tell someone.
As I said last Baturday, I recently burnt two weeks of polymer clay work (and melted a very useful piece of plastic). I did it while trying to cook dinner which was silly of me. I wasn’t paying enough attention to what I was doing and reasonably constant brain fog means I really do need to go slow and focus on important stuff, like baking two weeks work in one batch! At the time I felt like it started to smell like burning not long into the baking session, but I tried to ignore it, I was busy. Then when I realised I’d left the plastic in I was relieved, thinking that was the burning smell. I was really upset to discover ALL of the beads burnt.
I felt like I’d done everything the way I was supposed to so there was no logical answer to stop burning clay. I reeeeally didn’t want to be put off, I’m enjoying this medium and how much creative freedom it provides, as well as being an excellent step into jewellery work.
Right, I’m babbling. Sorry. So today I watched some polymer tutorials and everyone kept mentioning what a low, safe temperature you bake at. My cogs slowly started grinding and I thought “…180°c isn’t a low temperature… That’s way too high..” I made a mental note to check the packaging, as I was busy in bed working on this weeks’ Baturday (it’s going great, by the way). I finally checked just before bed and HUZZAH! I was supposed to bake at 130°c… That’s a 50°c difference!! *crazy cripple dance* I know I should be angry at myself for misreading and ruining two weeks of work, but I’m just so relieved that there’s a logical explanation and so excited that I don’t have to be scared of working with polymer again. I don’t have to avoid it, I can go back to being excited about it and enjoying it with the knowledge that I can bake it when I’m done and keep it all pretty and be proud of it.

I’m sorry for the babbling but yup, it’s awesome, I feel so much better. Just had to share the good feelings. ^_^
Night night.


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