Baturday 11: Bat-o-Nails

I’m really glad this week’s Baturday turned out so well or I’d be a rather grumpy cripple given how my week has gone, and I don’t know about you but I’m a little over my recent run of hit and miss crafting and the grumpy that comes with the misses.
But I’ve been super happy and a little impressed with myself. I knew that a nail art Baturday was inevitable because I do occasionally get creative with my nail painting when bored, stuck in bed, and/or wanting to have an excuse to not use my hands. The extent of my nail art is usually some dots, lines, maybe some attempts at silly faces, usually some sticky tape to make it look like I’ve done more work than I have. 😛

Right hand bat nails

As usual I googled and youtubed to get some inspiration, which I’ve recently discovered actually leads to stifling my creativity because I take it too far and get lost in hunting for inspiration, wasting a lot of time in the process. *takes a breath* Yup, that was a long sentence. :/ Also, searching for “bat nails” usually comes up with videos and stories about baseball bats covered in nails, and people being hit with them ..often as dares ..for money… <_< ah, the human race. Searching for “Wire Bat” (see Baturday 9) also brings up baseball bats, covered in barbed wire… Yup, this is just some of the crap that I have to dig through to find some helpful, interesting Baturday inspiration. le sigh
So I think the cutest example I found was this youtube tutorial. I approached the task with the hope that I could get by just using my dotting tools, but I wasn’t optimistic. Inevitably the dotting tools proved useless for drawing bats, I went hunting for my smallest paintbrush. Now I know they’re not amazing or anything, but I often have shaky hands and tend to suck at fine detail, so I was pretty happy just to get my left hand done (I’m right handed). But when I’d done my right hand, awkward though it was, I was a little starry-eyed. I am definitely not ambidextrous, so managing to paint tiny bats on my nails with my left hand that were as good, if not better then my right-handed work? Yeah, I was pretty impressed with myself. 😛 (I also managed to take photos with my left hand which was really awkward, so go me in general :P) In fact I tried to use my hands as little as possible, terrified that I’d ruin my hard work, while waiting for JJ to come home with his camera so I could get photos before I somehow ruined them (I’m shocking at keeping my nails nice). Also my topcoat seems to streak the colours a bit, hopefully you can’t notice it in the pictures, but I refused to even put that on until I had some kind of insurance, proof that I’d done Baturday. 😛

Left hand bat nails

Actually, this wasn’t this week’s intended Baturday. As I mentioned above about how my week has gone, it had quite a bit to do with my Baturday work. When JJ mentioned he’d like to start doing a weekly music vlog the very first thing I said to him was: make sure you prepare a buffer before you start. This is a valuable lesson I’d learnt from some of my favourite online-comic artists. Unfortunately it’s not one that I’d thought to do for myself with Baturday. I guess I was so excited I just launched in, when really I should have had three or so weeks of completed Baturday projects and blog posts done and ready before I actually started posting. So I decided to try and do several Baturday projects to see if I could build up a bit of buffer for myself. My first project, the on I’d intended for this week, was a crochet project.. It’s awesome, I’m pretty happy with it, except for the fact that I ran out of yarn. I went to buy some more yarn and it turned out it was on sale, score! … And it was totally sold out, not-so-score. >_< I went to two different spotlight stores and they had none left. While at spotlight the first and second times I fortunately grabbed some small supplies with future Baturdays in mind. Once I’d accepted I couldn’t finish crocheted Baturday in time, I started work on another Baturday project. It turns out the medium I bought, which was on sale, is cheap junk. JJ cheerfully said “Do a comparison between the junk and a better product”. Awesome idea, but I haven’t had the time or the spoons to go back to spotlight for the better product.
So thank goodness I have some super sexy nails to admire or I’d be a bit miffed at my half-finished project attempts!

Happy Baturday! ^_^


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