Baturday Black-Out

Hey guys, Baturday has been a bit derailed, but I have a good excuse!

There’s been some really wild weather, mainly strong, destructive winds, and they (or the trees they’ve been destroying) managed to knock out the power-lines for a couple of suburbs. So there’s been no electricity, or internet.. or laptop battery (T_T) at my place for the last couple of days and while I’ve been trying to get work done in what daylight and torchlight I’ve had to spare, it’s been slow and a bit of a strain.

JJ and I are at his studio to recharge laptops and phones, but we’ve just been told that power is back on at the house. So hopefully I’ll be able to get last week’s Baturday finished up and posted by tomorrow (fingers crossed) so I can start work on this week’s Baturday! >_< Damned crazy weather.
Although it was pretty amusing trying to paint, read and knit (not all at once!) with a small headlamp strapped to my head or around my neck.. We really should’ve taken some pictures XD


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