Home Sweet Home

Well that was an insane whirl-wind of exhausting craziness! Three days of non-stop moving, but we’re in the new house! I’m in love with our shower, no more painful struggling in and out of a giant bath in a freezing bathroom for me! I’m also really loving the house in general – It’s not what we were looking for, but the longer I’m here the more I love it. We have two small spare bedrooms rooms, so for now we’re setting up one as JJ’s music room and the other as my craft room, which is pretty exciting. We also have a double desk set-up in the lounge so that we can sit and work side-by-side, as we enjoy spending most of our time in the same room and are at our computers most days.

Miso and Mochi, the rat-boys, are surprisingly happy. I was worried all the dust and new smells might stress them out and stir up their tendency to have respiratory infections, but they seem to be doing really well.
Leo and Boo, our cats, are also doing really well. The drive to the new house was heart-breaking, they both cried the whole way, but it only took 20 minutes. After the normal initial confusion and upset of being put in a new house they became total mush-balls and focused on snuggling us. Leo’s taken to squeezing himself under our bed to hide and Boo’s safe place is to hide in our closet for now, but they’re exploring now and then at their own pace.

My body’s pretty ruined from three days of moving madness, and my craft room is currently filled with boxes, and mixture of supplies, clothes, nic-naks, etc, to be sorted before I can even consider gathering the energy to face some crafting. So there’s no guarantee that I’ll be able to do this week’s Baturday, I’ll have to sit down and adjust my blog’s weekly counter at some point to work-in the weeks I’ve missed.
We also have to wait for our internet to be up and running (I’m using JJ’s phone as a hot spot), which if there’s no problems, fingers crossed, should be this week! 🙂

Just figured I’d throw in a little update, back to unpacking for me. ^_^


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