Cute Video And Batty Update

Yup, I just had to share the cuteness. How can you not melt away into a gooey, baby-talking mess at the sight of these little guys?
Baby bat cuteness aside, I figured I’d give a little update to say that we’re feeing pretty settled, although I think there’s going to be some moving chores hanging around for a little while yet *glares at boxes willing them to unpack themselves*. And I’m officially back on the Baturday horse… Bat-horse? Horse-bat! … Well anyway, I was making some thinks that we needed for the house and it evolved into a Baturday, and about time, too!
I’m still pretty exhausted (wait, when aren’t I exhausted?) and running a bit slow, but I’ll be back with some Baturday goodness this weekend. 🙂


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