Baturday 13: Bat-Stop

I can’t quite believe it, I managed to forget to post on Baturday! I suppose I’ve just been so addle-brained, foggy, flaring, forgetful and out of my blogging habit. I was so excited when I completed this little guy, I really just wanted to show him off straight away. Then when I was hopping into bed last night I honestly face-palmed realising I’d missed out on my exciting day.

So my focus lately has been to make some practical things for our new home. There were things here and there that I’d planned to buy and decided I should save my money and use the resources I have in my craft room.. Can you believe I have my own craft room? It currently looks like a bit of  junk room just because there’s a mountain of books and dvds I can’t unpack as I don’t have a bookshelf at the moment, but still, it’s my very own craft room. And soon I will hopefully have my very own craft table, a sturdy and simple desk that sounds perfect for hammering on, which will only encourage my exploration of jewellery making, (I’m already eyeing some hammers, wire, and a bench block).
Okay, getting distracted by my craft room excitement, back on topic… So top of my practical house craft list is door stops. We have several hall doors that allow us great control over the cats (keeping Boo from harassing the rat boys at night when I’m not around to rouse on her, for example). The tradies who were fixing up the house before we moved in were using bricks that were scratching us the doors and floors, so proper door stops was definitely top priority.
Getting to finally unpack and arrange my craft supplies (I’m not allowed to buy any more yarn until I work-up at LEAST half of my stash!) wasn’t too scary, it was great to finally see what I do and don’t have and what supplies I need to focus on using-up. Recycling supplies seems to be my top focus as I have quite a lot of magazines, t-shirts and jeans, all with excellent uses. So I used some jeans legs for door stops, the material is hardy enough to be filled with wheat and hold it’s shape, and I won’t have to worry about scratched floors and doors.

Sorry about the photo quality, this was taken with my phone immediately after I finished him.

My first plan was cats, being the cat people that JJ and I are.. I also considered tentacles, but that’s more my taste. But I didn’t want to get carried away with designs, I wanted the door stop to be fast and easy to make. Once I’d sewn up the body with ears my first thought was “this could easily be a cat or bat”. I showed the piece to JJ and, without a word from me, his first reaction was “bat!”, and so I couldn’t help it, the first door stop just had to be a bat. He’s not anything fancy or special, he’s just cute and functional. His wings are some scrap fleece and with the buttons holding them on (and some small stitches) I think they’re really the most adorable part.

Against, low quality image. Love those buttoned wings, though. ❤

I’m in the process of making a few more and then I’ll be making some tarn bath mats and recycled magazine pen-holders. I love recycling rather than throwing away and hopefully this stuff will be functional for us for quite some time. 🙂

Happy Baturday!


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