Bat Drawing Tutorial

This guy’s channel is great. He has plenty of adorable animal videos, including bats, and he’s also an artist and posts some great tutorials. There’s also a more recent video in which he teaches the audience to draw a micro bat. I really agree with what he says towards the end of this video about how much more detail you can get into your art when you have a 3D object in front of you to work from. Unfortunately I don’t have any bats, alive or stuffed, and my style does tend to lean towards the cartoonish. But hopefully working from photos will be good enough to get some more realistic pieces done for Baturday at some point.
Realistic art can be daunting at times as I get too caught-up in detail, being a perfectionist, I often get frustrated  But it’s an excellent exercise and I should try it more often. I used to do a lot of drawing throughout highschool and as part of my attempts at two graphic design courses; even if you’re not very good at it, it’s great for the art muscles, practise is worth it. ^_^


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