Baturday 14: Water-Bats

Happy Baturday! This was last week’s Baturday, but I didn’t get it finished on time and I didn’t manage to get anything done this week. I’m the master of underestimating how long things will take me to do, always have been. I felt like a sketch and some painting, I could probably do that in a night.. I forgot that I’m crazy/pedantic and that (purely because I don’t practise regularly) my drawing skills can vary frustratingly from day-to-day. But I’m pretty happy with the result.
I love the idea of watercolour and lately one of my favourite youtubers,  Lindsay The Frugal Crafter, has been doing a lot of watercolour tutorials, so I felt inspire to pull out my paints and watercolour paper (which I only own because it was part of the material kit requirement for one of my design courses). I know that watercolour is one of those things where you have to trust the paint to just do it’s thing and not play around with it too much but I’m a fiddler! Unlike JJ who absent-mindedly fiddles with anything he can get his hands on and eventually breaks, I enjoy fiddling with things to understand how they work; it’s how I taught myself to use photoshop & illustrator, it’s how I know my way around a computer, how to set-up and take apart all my tv and console connections. I just enjoy toying around with things and figuring them out. With acrylics and oils this can be okay, I can blend and fiddle to my hearts content. I feel like watercolour has something to teach me about letting go and being more loose and free… I’m the farthest thing from loose and free! I’m high-stress, pedantic and thoroughly planned. lol But still I enjoy trying, I love playing with different mediums, as I’ve said before.

Batty Sketch, scanner was a bit too bright and washed out the image a bit.

I did an initial sketch, I had the basic idea on my mind, and I toyed around with what the bats could be hanging from… Originally I just wanted simple straight lines, I toyed with the idea of a tree but hated it pretty well straight away. I pulled out my faithful colour wheel and toyed with so many palette ideas, my bats were originally going to be blue.. or purple.. I decided to really strip back and keep the palette simple. I really feel like writing in the phrase “There’s Always One..” as that’s been in my head since the initial idea came to me, but I’m hesitant to write on the painting and can’t decide if it should just remain as the title, along with my signature and date on the back. I’m also quietly wondering if this could be something to go into my future shop, if anyone would be interested in prints of silly bats. Oh, and just for reference, my favourite is most definitely the bat on the bat left, I loved drawing him!

Watercolour bats trying to sleep!

JJ has been half-joking that I should pull back Baturday to fortnightly posts, but I’m determined to push ahead as best I can. I had a really positive appointment with a specialist earlier last week and I’m trying some new medication, so fingers crossed I can get a handle on my fibro-monster and kick my work back into gear. I have been doing some more relaxing work, mainly knitting a luxurious Egyptian cotton scarf in moss-stitch, and trying to wet-sand my polymer beads by hand (I can see why people invest in power tools!). But I’m definitely not doing as much as I’d like to be, but I’m working towards it when I’m feeling up to it. 🙂


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