Redecorated Wall-Shelf

This was a simple hanging wall shelf that I bought second-hand a few years ago for cheap on ebay and promised myself I’d repaint. I am still kicking myself for forgetting to take before pictures, it was a lacquered chocolate brown wood with two teddy bears painted in the backing of the centre shelf which really isn’t my taste at all but, as I said, it was really cheap.

Backing for one of the side shelves.

I attacked it with a couple of coats of gesso before painting the egde blue and everything else black. I then stippled gesso through a stencil onto the sides before going over the stencil with more blue.

Focal image, top-centre shelf.

I got the images from the graphics fairy and altered them in photoshop. I intended to print everything out to the right size but the outside rows all printed too big, but I actually like the look of them torn-up and overlapping.

Lastly I went over the whole thing with a couple of layers of modge podge, what I’d used to glue down the paper (I hate saying decoupage, it makes me feel snooty :P). I’m so happy with how this came out, and it was some much-needed shelving space in my craft room.


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