Altered Frame Jewellery Display

My second big project was turning a large frame I bought second hand into a way to attractively store and display my jewellery. As I often do, I did a little internet research to find any advice or tutorials on making something similar to what I wanted, but I was surprised to only find a few tutorials on making picture a frame into a jewellery display. I was pretty determined to work with what I had instead of spending money and I figured it would be fine to use some black mesh fabric I’ve had for a long time as the overlay to hand earrings from. I’ll almost definitely make more of these in the future and instead of my soft mesh fabric I’ll use screen door wire as is recommended in most tutorials, I think using a stiff mesh would, if nothing else, be much easier to attach to the frame.

I stared by removing the Glass, covering it’s edges in masking tape, and setting it off to the side – I still haven’t found another use for it, but I’m sure I will at some point. I then attacked the chipboard frame backing with modge podge and several layers of black and purple tissue paper which I’d scrunched up before gluing down to achieve some fantastic texture.

Then, the most frustrating and experimental part of the project, trying to attach the mush fabric so that it was taught in the frame without being pressed hard against the decoupage. My initial plan was to use a staple gun to attach the mesh directly to the back of the frame and then when the backing would be pressed into it’s slot in the frame it would pull the mesh drum-tight. Unfortunately because my fabric was so soft it was almost impossible to pull taught and would rip it’s self away from the staples when any tension was applied. I eventually turned to the crafter’s best friend, my glue gun, and glued the fabric as taught as possible all around the edge at the back of the decoupaged insert. It looks quite ugly and messy at the back, but I’m happy with how the front looks, and the earrings hold just fine with the current tension.

Lastly I added screw-in hooks all along the bottom and in a couple of random spots on the frame, to hold bracelets and necklaces.

I’m really happy with how it looks and it’s so nice to have all of my jewellery out on display to admire and choose from. The only add-on I really wanted was a ledge or pot for my rings, but I didn’t trust my wall hook to hold the weight and wasn’t sure where to add it so that the frame would still hang straight; it’s definitely something I plan to experiment with.


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