Card Creating & Crafty Adventures

Before I made the xmas cards I actually made my first attempt at card-making with some lovely stamps I’d been drooling over. This card wasn’t made with any person or occasion in mind, but I really like how it came out. It’s just some black pigment ink, a set of Tim Holtz’s stamps, and a page from one of several old books I saved from being thrown away by my local second-hand book dealer (he has some beautiful old books but they’re often falling apart and he can’t sell them). I haven’t decided if I’ll give it away for someone else to appreciate, but for now it looks pretty on display in my craft room.

I feel like the blog has been a little neglected; I’m trying to post roughly once a week and get up to date with what I’ve been making, but most of my time and energy lately has gone into setting up the Crafty Cripple Shop (I’ll be running through a great site, and preparing all of my completed jewellery pieces for sale. I’m so close to being done, I just need to edit the product photos and finish my listings. I’m actually feeling a bit nervous but I’ve been receiving so many compliments on my work and so much encouragement, especially from JJ, and that’s what’s really pushed me to take the leap. I’m starting small and dipping my toes in, but it’s a great step towards becoming a real jeweller and metalsmith which has become my main goal.

I’ve still got some awesome things to show, hopefully we’ll be up to date with my Crafty Cripple adventures soon. ^_^


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