Crafty Cripple Creations

The Crafty Cripple shop is officially up and running, I currently have some chainmaille jewellery available (I’ll be doing a blog post on that work soon) as that’s what I’ve been spending most of my time making to sell. I decided to go with a site called Storenvy because it has some awesome freedom to decorate and personalise the shop appearance, which I haven’t seen elsewhere. Unfortunately they only function in USD at the moment, but that’s something they plan to change, and I’m currently avoiding posting outside my own country (Australia) but am open to discussion; I just wanted to get a bit of confidence up with selling and posting locally before trying to figure out international postage. =/
The Crafty Cripple is also now on facebook, although the page is pretty inactive while I wrestle with my health, it has a direct link to my shop, displays my latest blog posts, and I plan to use it more for short updates and random stuff soon.

I’ve actually been in a bit of a creative rut lately. My health has been frustrating and my motivation has gone right out the window, but you get that and I’ll just push on until I manage to spark my little creative fire again. I recently joined a lovely group called “Physically Challenged Artist Support Group” which has some really friendly people doing some inspiring work, people  who I can relate to in regards to struggling creatively as you ride the health roller-coaster. I’ve been spending a lot of my time gaming, which has been a great way to keep myself occupied while I’m stuck to my couch. I was recently watching some play-throughs of “Banjo Kazooie” and “Banjo tooie” (N64 games) which gave me insane cravings to play those games again, but I don’t own them and was surprised how expensive they are on ebay (damn my retro gaming love). So I turned to an old favourite, determined to play my neglected N64 (all my consoles have been a bit neglected to be honest), and started a fresh file on Zelda: Ocarina of time. Ah, the memories, although I really did not miss Navi the fairy, annoying little captain obvious wench. I have every intention of finishing Zelda and then booting up Zelda: Majora’s Mask. I often complain that my much-loved console and game collection is gathering dust, so I intend to push myself to game more regularly and try to play start to finish as many games as I can… it could take a really long time, lol.

It’s officially Autumn here in Melbourne, who’s weather is bi-polar at the best of times (a common local saying is “If you don’t like the weather just give it a minute, it’ll change” and “the city of four seasons in a day”) and Autumn is an excellent display of that, the weather is just all over the shop. I’m thoroughly enjoying the cool days and nights, I’ve been getting so excited on the days I get to rug-up with a pot of green tea, I really am a cool climate person, despite my body’s complaints. I’ve actually been day dreaming about moving to a cooler climate, like the UK. And I’m already getting cravings for fibre crafts, as I do every time the weather moves towards my favourite season, winter. JJ’s already requested a new beanie when I was recently commenting on how well his first one has survived, it’s still in great condition but he wants a more more colourful option. I’ve been slowly knitting a cotton yarn scarf for myself in moss stitch when I’m sitting at an appointment or visiting family, during times when there’s little to do but sit with idle hands; it feels lovely, I’m really looking forward to wearing it, although I wish I’d done my colours a little differently. But I am not pulling it apart now, hopefully it’ll be ready in time to wear over winter.

I’m hoping to get back to posting roughly once per week, but fortnightly isn’t too bad for now. 🙂


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  1. Reblogged this on Physically Challenged Artists Support Group and commented:
    Recently Kowareta, from the Crafty Cripple, opened up her shop! You can find it under the Shop With Us tab, or through the link on her own page. She is using Storenvy and I have to admit, her store looks very, very good. There’s some lovely cluster earrings and some amazing chain maille bracelets for very good prices. She only ships to Australia at this time, but her shop is well worth a look for everyone! Good luck Kowareta, I’m looking forward to seeing more of your creations, and I hope selling goes well for you!

    You can read more about it below, and on her blog (with lots of crafty goodness)

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