About Me – My Perspective

I’m Jenna, the Crafty Cripple. I’m 25 years young with blue and purple hair and I’m currently living with my partner in an outer suburb east of Melbourne (Australia). We live with our two beautiful cats and two gorgeous rats. I have fibromyalgia (main symptom is severe chronic pain) and chronic fatigue which require daily management and currently keep me from working or studying, so I teach myself using internet resources, my creativity keeps me sane. I adore my partner (JJ), my animals, gaming (both console and pc), reading and, of course, being creative. For as long as I can remember I’ve enjoyed being creative. Sometimes I wonder whether I enjoy watching/reading tutorials and learning new mediums more than actually being creative, I spend far too much time thinking about all the things I’d love to do and don’t get as much done as I’d like. I have a memory like a sieve and have a lot of difficulty concentrating, these things slow me down (blamed on my condition) and mean I take an hour wandering about the supermarket in a daze, whereas my partner would take twenty minutes moving quickly and efficiently. It also means I tend to ramble and get off topic, jumping between subjects and getting completely distracted. I’m hoping that writing will help me practise being on-topic and focused, or at least amuse my readers with my babbling.

This will be a personal blog regarding my day-to-day life, creative projects, cooking ventures and general madness; I’m hoping I will, at some point, be able to post daily. For now I post occasionally, hopefully once per week. I was doing a post every Saturday, known as “Baturday”, to display my “Make Something 365” project (made famous by Noah Scalin), however that’s currently on hiatus. While I try to be creative every day, I loved the idea of having a themed project to regularly focus on and really encourage me to learn and explore new mediums. I had planned on doing a project every day, as the original project suggests, but decided that the projects would need to be too small and simple, and I’d also have trouble keeping up or crafting at all when I have bad pain times. Doing the project weekly allows me to produce items I can be happy with in a time frame that suits me better. However things really rely on my health and will come to a (hopefully temporary) halt when I have rough patches.

I hope you enjoy reading my crafty cripple ramblings and please feel free to suggest mediums or projects for Baturday, or tutorials you think I might be interested in; I love fresh ideas. 🙂

The Cast and Crew:

Jenna: Crafty Cripple, Writer & Creator of all things Batty & Crafty Cripple-y

JJ: Proof-Reader, Editor, Photographer, General Crafty Cripple Carer

Boo: Product Durability Tester

Leo: Lap & Feet Heater, Professional Snuggler

Miso: Writer’s Food Tester

Mochi: Writer’s Food Tester


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